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Image by Rod Long

Take Home Kits Bring the Fun to You


Choose a Piece

Visit our online shop in the site menu and pick from our assortment of pottery pieces!

Select paint colors

View our paint palette and pick up to five colors for your kit. Keep note of the color names!

Add a Note

In your cart, click "add a note" and type in the names of your desired colors!

wait for your order

At checkout, choose delivery if you are within 15 miles of our shop, or pick up your kit in store!

Take Home Kits

Watercolor Paints

Take home kits are available with every pottery piece that is found in our shop. Kits come with paint and the  piece for easy, at home fun! Take a look at our vast array of available colors in our menu. Typically 3 - 5 colors per piece, but for larger pieces, a few more colors can be added! Follow the steps above to order your own take home kit!

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